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0 m²
A comfortable hole to start at, where players should lean on the left side of the fairway during the tee shot, avoiding the hazard on the right. The approach shot is towards an elongated green with two clearly differentiated slopes.

Hole 2

0 m²
An emblematic hole surrounded by the beauty of Las Margas. Precision is essential. This hole can be tackled two different ways. Players with a good swing can take the risk of playing the tee shot directly onto a wide green, while the rest of the players will have to play a hit on the fairway to face the approach shot to the green with a short iron.


0 m²
A good tee shot leaning on the left side of the fairway tree will give a better view of the green in the approach shot to the green. A miss from the tee on the right of the fairway doesn’t penalise players and also allows for a good view of the hole.


0 m²
A spectacular par 3 with a great difference in level from the tee to the green. Don’t miss the green on the left side.


0 m²
A good shot from the tee will considerably facilitate the hole, since the second shot is very well protected by two strategically placed bunkers to catch inaccurate shots.


0 m²
The second par 3 of the first half of the course. Players can lean on the left side of the green to avoid the bunkers on the right.


0 m²
Slight Dog-Leg on the right with an out of bounds on the whole left side. The hole can be shortened a lot by playing the tee shot above the trees on the right. The second uphill shot is manageable, so those with a strong swing can reach the green in two shots.


0 m²
The wind will play an important role in the choice of the first club. A large green with a bunker protecting the entrance on the left side.


0 m²
A long and straight par 5 with an out of bounds on the left side. Avoiding the first two bunkers on the fairway with the tee shot will allow you to face the hole with guarantees of achieving a good result.


0 m²
The Amen Corner of the route starts until hole 13. A water obstacle crosses the fairway diagonally so the tee shot has to be precise. The wind will play an important role in the choice of the first club. The second shot is long. The water obstacle comes into play on the right side of the green.


0 m²
One of the most difficult holes in the field. The fairway has two platforms with different levels. The tee shot has to be very precise to get ahead. With the approach shot, you’ll have to study the flag position since the green has different levels and dips towards the bunker located before the green.


0 m²
High tee with a nice panorama of the hole. Players have to place the ball on the right side of the fairway from the tee to have a clear view of the green. Once the hole is finished, players will move to the next hole using the escalators and enjoying the views of the region. One of the surprises in this course.


0 m²
Long and very demanding par 3. The green has two levels with two well differentiated platforms. Flag positions are diverse and the choice of club will vary greatly depending on where the flag is.


0 m²
The water obstacle is present throughout the hole, being a factor in any of the shots the player executes. It’s important to reach the fairway from the tee, since the approach shot to the green isn’t long.


0 m²
Par 4 with a slight Dog-Leg to the left. It’s important to avoid the bunker on the right from the tee, since it can complicate the hole.


0 m²
In this par 5, power and precision are required equally. You have to lean on the left side of the fairway from the tee and with the second shot, you’ll have to avoid the lake that extends to the green.


0 m²
The difficulty of this hole lies in passing over the front bunker of the green. Wide green that extends frontally.


0 m²
A great hole with which to finish the course. It’s a very long par 5 with a water obstacle on the left side. It’s essential to leave a good ball position for the third shot to the green.